Annie Londonderry

The First Woman to Bicycle Around the World

Annie Londonderry

The First Woman to Bicycle Around the World

Annie in the Press

Bicycling Magazine Article: “Chasing Annie

I am obsessed with a young woman on a bicycle. I bought a bike just like hers. I have chased her through snow-covered cemeteries in icy rain, and across cyberspace. When I ride, I think about her. When I don’t ride, I think about her, too.

~ Peter Zheutlin

Radio Interview with Peter Zheutlin

(Discussing his great-grandaunt on Public Radio International’s program, The World)

Radio Interview with Peter Zheutlin

by Public Radio International | The World

Podcasts Featuring Annie Londonderry


by What's Her Name Podcast

Annie Londonderry’s Dubious BikeTrip Around the World

by Stuff You Missed in History Class | iHeartRadio

Stage, Film, and Print Featuring Annie Londonderry


Stage Production inspired by Annie Londonderry
opened in Toronto in March 2011 to critical acclaim.

Stage Production inspired by Annie Londonderry
opened in London in February 2020, also to critical acclaim.

Documentary Film
The New Woman: Annie “Londonderry” Kopchovsky
Directed by Gillian Willman

The Arizona Daily Star

Travel Channel

Great Big Story/CNN

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